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Blackberries – incomparably aromatic

Ripe blackberries are a delicacy. The soft berries with their blue-black sheen have a lovely sweet-sour aroma and are packed full of healthy nutrients as well. The fruit contains a lot of carotenoids, in particular, ranking blackberries at the top of the list of Provitamin A berry suppliers.

From a botanical perspective

Botanically, the blackberry Rubus sectio rubus is an aggregation of drupes on a cone-shaped torus. Each individual berry has a hard torus, which – like the stone in a cherry – is embedded in the juicy flesh and encased in a thin outer skin. Unlike raspberries, for example, the torus does not separate from the fruit when ripe. The juicy cultivated types of blackberries are between two and three centimetres large and round or cylindrical. Blackberries on wild brambles do not grow quite so large.

Lots of healthy nutrients

The aroma of ripe blackberries is incomparable. The sweet-sour taste of the juicy fruit is attributable primarily to the fruit acids and relatively high sugar content.  Of all the berries, blackberries contain the most Provitamin A. Our bodies convert Provitamin A into vitamin A, which is vital for our eyesight, for example. Further nutrients worth mentioning include vitamins C and E, which both help to protect our cells, and vitamins from the B group, which are crucial for metabolic processes. A good helping of minerals and fibre and a broad spectrum of phenolic acids and flavenoids – which are purported to have anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties – round off the banquet of healthy nutrients.

Utterly enjoyable as a snack and in recipes

100 grammes of this low-calorie fruit contain just 36 calories, making the berries a very good choice for a fresh fruit snack. Although they are also incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Blackberries enhance any dessert – containing ice cream, yoghurt or quark, for example – and are delicious in gateaux or preserved in rum and sugar. Jam, jelly, fruit sauce or compote can also be made from or with blackberries. Or turned into juice, syrup, wine, liqueur or fruit brandy, if you like. They also freeze well.

Tip: Ripe blackberries are very soft. They are very fragile and go off quickly. Blackberries are best stored in a single layer on a plate in the fridge, where there will keep for one to two days.


Source: Heike Stommel, www.bzfe.de