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We are supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended by
Herbs put the finishing touches to meals. However, their aroma can only be fully appreciated if
When bananas have been left in the fruit bowl for a long time, the overripe, brown fruit can be
Scorzonera or black salsify is not a particularly good-looking vegetable with its dark, earthy skin.
You can’t concentrate or your tummy is rumbling. Many people grab the simplest solution – a

Full taste with less fat and sugar

A piece of cake is a lovely treat with afternoon coffee. By using a couple of tricks you can cut down on sugar and fat and enjoy cake without feeling guilty. You can begin with these measures in the initial stages of cake making, starting with the type of dough. Puff pastry, sponge cake and short pastry contain significantly more fat and sugar than a light sponge roll or yeast dough. Also, if you use silicon or paper baking moulds for muffins, you needn’t use fat for greasing the tin.

Replacing sugar, fat and eggs

Another possibility is to adapt the recipe. You could partially replace butter with double the amount of low fat curd cheese. This not only reduces the number of calories but also makes the dough softer. In addition, skimmed yoghurt mixed with semolina can be used as a fat substitute. For sweet pastries you can replace caster and cane sugar with sweetener. Another low calorie sugar alternative is fruit powder from fruits like mango and raspberry. A maximum of half the eggs in a recipe can be replaced with two to three tablespoons of water and a pinch of baking powder per egg. A dough made with curd cheese and oil is a lighter alternative to puff pastry, but you need to roll it out and fold it a few more times.

Reduce calories in the filling and icing

When you’re deciding on a filling, you could use yoghurt, a lemon curd cream or custard instead of butter cream, cream and chocolate. Jam and fruit compote are other good alternatives. Fruit brings natural sweetness into the pastry. A low calorie cake could be a sponge roll with cheese curd and seasonal fruit. A Gugelhupf cake can be made lighter by using yoghurt butter or low fat butter, low fat milk and dried apricots.


You don’t need a lot of sugar to produce a cake that looks attractive. Sprinkle a marble cake with cocoa powder instead of icing sugar. You can make low fat tarts which look great if you use mint leaves and fresh fruit to decorate.


Source: Heike Kreutz, www.aid.de