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You’ve probably found out for yourself already – eat a heavy lunch and you’re battling to stay awake at 2 o’clock. To avoid this performance dip in the early afternoon, you need to eat thoughtfully at lunchtime. The right lunch ingredients can keep you fit and alert through the afternoon.

Here are some tested tips for eating
to stay fit and alert at work:

Make sure you have a healthy, balanced midday meal. If you do, it will help you to deal with stress and improve your concentration. Experts from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommend a high proportion of plant-based nutrients, like vegetables and cereals, and not too much animal protein, like meat. If you’re eating in a canteen, try to include a small bowl of salad with your main meal, or think of having just a big bowl of crunchy salad. Try to avoid fatty dressings; a simple vinaigrette with oil and vinegar is best. If you have a choice of side dishes, avoid the fatty ones, go for plain boiled potatoes rather than chips. Likewise, vegetarian dishes or fish are a light and healthy option.

Don’t eat at your computer. Lunch breaks should be just that – a break for refreshment and relaxation. Signal this to yourself by getting up and leaving your workplace if it’s at all possible. And take some time to enjoy your food, it’ll do you more good than wolfing down a quick snack.

Try to choose wholefood snacks, in other words things that don’t just give you empty calories but also other valuable nutrients. Fruit and vegetables or a handful of plain nuts make ideal between-meals snacks.

Plan those snacks that you know you’ll want. If you pack yourself a healthy, tasty snack, you won’t find yourself stuffing coins into a vending machine that only spits out candy bars and chocolate.

Drink enough throughout the day. 1.5 litres is the recommended daily intake of liquids for adults. If you think you’re not drinking enough, try this simple trick – put a bottle or a big glass of water on your desk every morning and take a sip whenever you think of it. Herb teas or fruit-juice and water mixes are also good. Coffee and black tea – in moderation – will also contribute.

Do you feel that your company’s canteen doesn’t offer enough options for healthy eating? Then don’t hesitate to discuss the matter with the canteen director or even with Human Resources. Good company canteens will always have a post box or an email address for suggestions and comments.


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