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Scientists offer some results

A bloody 300-g steak, a fried pizza or a deliciously greasy bacon burger with extra cheese? Selecting the most unhealthy meal would surely results in a multiple dead heat. A decision on the healthiest meal, however, seems to have been reached recently. At least, as far as British nutritionists are concerned. They decided to tackle the task of creating the healthiest meal of all time.


The scientists of the Leatherhead Food Research institute had a tough nut to crack. Their aim was no less than perfection. First of all, they had to determine the ingredients for the ideal meal. The researchers drew up lists of a huge number of foodstuffs and compared their health-promoting properties. They evaluated over 4000 different nutrients; only 222 ingredients made it into the final selection. This was the starting point for a menu which the scientists asserted could not be healthier.


The first course is a terrine with smoked salmon. This, said the scientists, is particularly good for arteries, heart and brain. Moreover, the omega-3 fatty acids it contains would have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. A green salad with an olive oil dressing will help to stabilise the blood lipid values. The main course consists of a chicken-cheese roll with lentils and mixed vegetables. This protein-rich part of the menu will primarily promote muscle growth. The lentils, according to the nutritionists, will improve mental capability. No meal would be perfect without a dessert – this time an almond yoghurt decorated with walnuts and served with a sugar-free sauce with caramel aroma, this dessert is meant to promote digestion and regulate the blood sugar level.


Dr. Paul Berryman, director of the Food Research Institute, says, “We’ve shown that healthy food need not be boring.” Each year he conducts thousands of taste tests and he’s sure of one thing, “If food doesn’t taste good, it won’t sell.” And there’s every chance that the “healthiest meal in the world” won’t taste any worse than a fried pizza. Rather the opposite.


Author: Hendrik Jürgens

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