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Infused water – the latest water trend

Everyone knows how important it is to drink enough – about 1.5 litres a day generally and more on hot days or if you’re doing something very physical. Low-calorie drinks are ideal for quenching thirst. Soft drinks and juices are unsuitable due to the high sugar content. Fresh water is highly recommended –still or sparkling mineral water or simply tap water. However, some people find water simply too bland.

An alternative kind of water

The new summer trend "infused water" seems to be the perfect alternative. Infused water is water slightly flavoured with fruit, vegetables or herbs. Your fill an attractive carafe with water, add the flavouring of your choice and leave it for a while in the fridge. The flavors of the ingredients are transferred to the water. The result is a subtly fruit- or herb-flavoured drink and the carafe looks beautiful too.

Subtle flavours make water more palatable

Infused water is often credited with health benefits – such as detox drinks, energy boosters or fat killer. These are all clever marketing names for water with a touch of taste. There are few scientifically proven benefits, apart of course from the fact that you’re upping your fluid intake and getting your fluid balance right.

DIY infused water

Infused water is far better made at home than bought in a shop. There are no limits to your imagination when choosing the ingredients. But be sure to wash any fruit and vegetables thoroughly. To be on the safe side you could choose organically grown fruit. Infused water should be freshly made, always refrigerated, and not kept for much longer than a day even in the fridge. This doesn’t mean you have to waste the ingredients; you could make fruit into a smoothie or toss the vegetables into a stir fry.

Recipe tip

For a specially refreshing drink, combine fresh mint, cucumber and citrus fruits – if you like a touch of spiciness, add ginger. Lovers of summery flavours could combine berry fruits, watermelon and spicy sprigs of fresh rosemary.


Source: Verena Dorloff, www.bzfe.de