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We are supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended by
Herbs put the finishing touches to meals. However, their aroma can only be fully appreciated if
When bananas have been left in the fruit bowl for a long time, the overripe, brown fruit can be
Scorzonera or black salsify is not a particularly good-looking vegetable with its dark, earthy skin.
You can’t concentrate or your tummy is rumbling. Many people grab the simplest solution – a

Perfect pair for sensitive stomachs

Digestive problems and an ultra-sensitive bowel is not just very unpleasant, it can also impact disastrously on your quality of life. People who suffer repeatedly from bloating, discomfort, cramps and chronic stomach aches are in need of fast, gentle and long-term relief.


They're lucky that there are effective natural remedies available in the form of two herbs, peppermint and caraway seeds. They work best in combination, for example in the herbal medicine Carmenthin which combines highly concentrated extracts of both herbs.



The efficacy of both plants has been known for centuries. While peppermint relaxes the muscles of the intestines, caraway seeds counteract bloating, wind and slight cramps. Carmenthin contains high concentrations of both herbs – 90 mg peppermint oil and 50 mg caraway seed oil – so taking 2 capsules a day is equivalent to drinking 73 cups, or 11 litres, of herbal tea.

Three tips for relaxed digestion

1. Eat calmly – no stress!

2. Chew slowly and thoroughly!

3. Go for a walk after your meal! 


Source: AKZ

Photo caraway: SASIMOTO/Shutterstock.com/Carmenthin/Dr. Willmar Schwabe/akz-o


Photo peppermint: AN NGUYEN/Shutterstock.com/Carmenthin/Dr. Willmar Schwabe/akz-o