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We are supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended by
Herbs put the finishing touches to meals. However, their aroma can only be fully appreciated if
When bananas have been left in the fruit bowl for a long time, the overripe, brown fruit can be
Scorzonera or black salsify is not a particularly good-looking vegetable with its dark, earthy skin.
You can’t concentrate or your tummy is rumbling. Many people grab the simplest solution – a

How to mix a salad for maximum
flavour and benefits

textA bowlful of healthy vitamins or worthless green stuff? Opinions about the health benefits of lettuce differ widely. The fact is that lettuce contains essential and health-promoting substances, although sometimes in vanishingly small quantities. You can boost the health benefits of a salad by choosing the right sorts of lettuce and adding other ingredients Summer is the season when lettuce in all its variants is at its best.

Add wild food to the mix

Iceberg and butter lettuce are relatively nutrient-poor, while other salad leaves, such as lamb’s lettuce or radicchio, are nutrient-rich. So mix them for maximum health benefits and add other ingredients like green or red paprika and even wild herbs like dandelion, sorrel or young stinging nettles. Before eating green stuff you’ve foraged from the wild, make sure you know what you’re doing and choose plants that are safe from a hygiene point of view. Avoid locations that might have been contaminated with pesticides or by dogs or which are near busy roads. Wild plants almost always contain more beneficial substances than farmed products.

Choose the right dressing

If you’re looking for a healthy salad, you can’t ignore the dressing. The right dressing can add, but a lot of readymade salad dressings have such a high fat content that you need to take care. So read the list of ingredients carefully before dousing your healthy salad in it. The ingredients are listed from the biggest share down to the smallest, so it’s easy to see whether there’s more fat and oil or more water in your dressing.

It’s easy to make your own

The best salad dressings are the homemade ones. You can mix up a large batch and because of the vinegar content it will keep for a long time. Use high quality vegetable oil like olive oil or rapeseed oil – they supply fatty acids important for health – and add a good vinegar, such as aceto balsamico. Fresh herbs, garlic, mustard and other flavourings create a delicious dressing.


Source: Heike Stommel, www.aid.de