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We are supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended by
Herbs put the finishing touches to meals. However, their aroma can only be fully appreciated if
When bananas have been left in the fruit bowl for a long time, the overripe, brown fruit can be
Scorzonera or black salsify is not a particularly good-looking vegetable with its dark, earthy skin.
You can’t concentrate or your tummy is rumbling. Many people grab the simplest solution – a

Many microwavable processed foods contain far too much salt. Sometimes a single portion covers the entire recommended daily allowance of salt. This poses a risk, especially for people who are elderly and/or overweight, because too much salt increases your blood pressure and with it the risk of heart and circulatory problems.


Adults shouldn’t consume more than six grams of salt a day. The German Consumer Association (Verbraucherzentrale) points out that, on average, a portion of processed food will show up with 4.35 grams of salt. Researchers from the association found that in some products salt content was well above the recommended maximum value.


The consumer association also criticised the nutritional data on processed food labels. For example, some manufacturers give the sodium instead of the salt content. To calculate the salt content the sodium value has to be multiplied by 2.54 – and how many people take a calculator with them to the supermarket? Consumers should study the nutrition data on processed food packages carefully. If there is no information, the best course of action is to put the product right back on the shelf.



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