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The right way to “drink” – It’s not just a question of quantity

It is essential to drink enough in order to maintain all bodily functions. Our bodies are over 60% water: So that everything functions as it should, we must replenish the fluids constantly.

Drinking enough is not only the basis for fitness, but is also one of the simplest and most effective beauty treatments. If your daily intake of fluid is insufficient, the water stored in your skin will be transferred into your body’s interior, where it is more urgently needed. We eventually see the result of this continuous drying out of the skin when we look in a mirror and see more wrinkles. Because only skin cells which are full of fluid can look smooth. And those who want to remain mentally fit must drink too. Without sufficient liquid your brain cells will dry out − literally. If you drink enough you’ll keep your mental powers flowing smoothly.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Because when that happens your body is already suffering from a shortage of liquid. And so you should drink regularly, even if you are not actually thirsty. You should drink at least two, or preferably three, litres per day. It sounds like a lot, but if you drink just one glass every hour you’re awake, you will have met your fluid intake requirement.

The next question is, what should you drink? Doctors and nutritional experts say water is best of all. And there’s nothing wrong in quenching your thirst with tap water. After all, our tap water is more frequently and more thoroughly tested than any other foodstuff. There is no scientific evidence for the belief that mineral water is better for you than tap water. The water that flows through our taps is groundwater. And it often comes from the same source as the springs which are tapped to produce mineral water.

It doesn’t always have to be water

But there are many other drinks that will help keep your fluid intake up.


  • The sportsman’s favourite: apple juice diluted with water. As well as the liquid, it also supplies important substances: potassium from the apples, and sodium. Dilute it in the ratio of 1/3 apple juice containing a high percentage of fruit to 2/3 water. The latter should have a high sodium content but also be as little carbonated as possible. Try it with blackcurrant juice instead of apple for a change – and to top up your vitamin C.
  • Purifies and refreshes: a drink made with two slices of fresh ginger, boiled for ten minutes in 1/4 litre water and drunk with a shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • From the Far East, energises and rejuvenates: Stir together 2 tsp pollen, 1/2 tsp ground ginseng (both available in health-food stores and organic food shops) with 1/4 tsp ground orange zest (untreated) and 2 tbsp honey. Add to a glass of water and drink.

Author: Hendrik Jürgens