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1 guinea fowl (better if boned)

2 sausages

1 head of radicchio

Dry white wine

Rosemary, sage, onion, carrot, celery


Salt & pepper 



Bone the guinea fowl and salt. Wash the radicchio, cut into 4 wedges and sauté gently it a pan or cook it on low heat in oven. Stuff the guinea fowl with the sausage meat and radicchio. Tie up the guinea fowl with kitchen string. In a non-stick pan, put a little EVO oil and add the herbs and vegetables washed and coarsely chopped. Brown the guinea fowl in a skillet over high heat, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with white wine. Transfer everything to a baking dish and complete cooking in the oven at 180° for about 1 hour (70° to the heart). Prepare an accompanying sauce with butter, white wine and corn starch. To serve pour sauce onto a warm plate, place guinea fowl slices on top and garnish with radicchio leaves.

By Baita E Salmaso