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Environmentally friendly and uncompromisingly good

In 1882, Caffè Vergnano, a family coffee company was founded in Chieri, a small picturesque town at the foot of the Turin mountains. The company began as a small grocery shop opened by Domenico Vergnano, the grandfather of the current owners. The first coffee speciality shops were opened in Turin, Alba and Chieri. The family feel strongly that they have a true calling to roast and sell high quality coffee. Today, the company puts a special focus on blending tradition and innovation. Caffè Vergnano is considered to be the oldest authentic Italian coffee company in Italy.

Today the company is run by the third generation of descendants of the brothers Carlo and Franco Vergnano. Their children already have their own responsibilities within the company. Caffè Vergnano is a family business – everyone is passionate about good coffee and the desire to provide the best quality at national and international level.

Caffè Vergnano introduces a new capsule system

Caffè Vergnano supplies wholesalers and caterers with a wide range of classic coffee types (beans, powder, pads, etc.) In 2011, after a three year development period, they started a big new project, Èspresso1882. Èspresso1882 is a range of coffee capsules, which are already available from some commercial channels. The capsules are designed for any capsule machine. This quality product is 100% made in Italy and brings the passion and joy of a perfect Italian espresso into your life and home – anytime and everyday.

Èspresso1882 was developed with sustainability in mind as the capsules are made of biodegradable plastic and can be disposed of as normal waste without needing to be recycled.

Six varieties for individual moments of enjoyment

The mixture consists of the best washed Arabica beans in Latin America. With a touch of Robusta there is only a hint of acidity. This exquisite blend of coffee has a mild sweetness, reminiscent of cedar.

The golden and delicious creamy coffee is a classic. The pure aromatic taste is slightly reminiscent of oriental spices, with the interesting scent of vanilla and black pepper.

This mixture, with a full and rounded flavour, has a rich aroma from the best Robusta beans, is creamy and has an intense hazelnut colour.

Lungo Intenso:
The best Arabica beans combine with a sweet freshness to make a great Italian coffee experience.

Decaf: An appropriately decaffeinated assortment of fragrant African Arabica beans that are characterized by an intense fruity flavour and a scent of sandalwood.

An exquisite blend of the best Arabica varieties from organic cultivation, grown and harvested with consideration for nature and the local ecosystem. A delicious coffee, with a mild taste and rounded flavour.

The Espresso boxes each contain 10 individually packaged capsules (flavour packs ensure the quality of the coffee).

Coffee production – respecting nature

Since 1990, Caffè Vergnano has produced coffee while fully taking global environmental policies into account. Its corporate philosophy is that improving environmental conditions are linked to the improvement of quality of life. The family business has passed all statutory quality assurance tests and environmentally relevant processes are monitored daily by trained personnel. The company holds the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004, IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).

The future is sustainable

Caffè Vergnano has made it its mission to improve its capsule system even further. Sustainability and environmental protection with the best coffee quality need not be mutually exclusive. Therefore, the Èspresso1882 capsule range will soon be followed by an advanced, environmentally friendly capsule material, thus satisfying environmentally conscious consumers.

More information at www.caffevergnano.com.

Source: Text & Kommunikation Petra Schönfeld