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Make your own classic American sauces

North Americans can’t have a barbecue without their famous barbecue sauces. Nowadays, in Europe, people want that smoky campfire flavour, at the same time many barbecue enthusiasts are trying to discover what’s in these sauces and chutneys so they can make them themselves. When these two trends combine, the only thing missing for a perfect DIY barbecue sauce is the smoky flavour. And now you can buy that too! You can either get it mixed with something else like smoked pepper or as powder or liquid smoke aroma from Red Arrow’s online shop.


Campfire atmosphere in your garden

Hot grills give just a roasted flavour to steaks and sausages. And even a charcoal grill won’t give you that authentic smoky aroma. So if you like the campfire taste, simply add some of one of the liquid smoke aromas. They taste unadulterated as they are made using a sustainable method with pure smoke. A home-made barbecue sauce gives steaks a special ‘kick’. Whether spicy or fruity, mild or more smoky, if you make your own sauce you not only get the required intensity of the smoky flavours but also the exact taste you’re looking for. What this really means is that there are as many variations of barbecue sauces as there are connoisseurs. While an intensely smoky sauce is a tradition in the USA, it is a new taste experience for us Europeans and we tend to go easy on this flavouring. On the other hand, we are becoming more adventurous with flavours and are trying new things like mango chutney. With fresh mango, curry, smoked salt and smoked peppers, it is a completely new taste. A lot spicier is the salsa sauce, which has a lot of chilli in it. And don’t forget the American classic, the "Wisconsin BBQ sauce". This sauce has a sweet-smoky campfire flavour which comes from the North American hickory nut.

The "do it yourself" trend has another great advantage quite apart from the fresher and more balanced taste. This is the fact that if you make it yourself, you know exactly what’s in your food. There are no flavour enhancers, preservatives or any ingredients that can cause allergies or intolerances.


Enjoy with a clear conscience

According to the relevant EU commission, the methods used by the world’s biggest producer, Red Arrow are safe and sustainable. A patented process is used whereby smoke generators create and filter the smoke in controlled conditions. All undesirable components such as ash, tar and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are filtered out leaving purified smoke.


The smoke flavours are available in different varieties as a powder or liquid in the online shop

Source: crossrelations brand works GmbH