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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

The new line for highly individual enjoyment

More individuality, lighter and more enjoyable, fresh and natural food – this is the taste of the new pasta range, Creazioni di pasta from STEINHAUS. This is a modern pasta concept for contemporary lifestyles. There are four new ravioli flavours: peperonata raviolo, spinach raviolo, roasted vegetable raviolo and fresh goat’s cheese raviolo. Delightful and interesting flavours, uncomplicated to prepare and with a feel for Mediterranean lifestyle.

Uno - due - tre - quattro: individual pasta
pleasure for every day

New recipes for contemporary enjoyment – for STEINHAUS this was the creative inspiration for the new pasta concept, Creazioni di pasta. Fresh, high quality ingredients are responsible for the great tastes. Try all of the four modern ravioli creations: the fresh goat’s cheese is flavoured with honey and herbs and as a filling it couldn’t be creamier. The peperonata raviolo are filled with a spicy paprika-tomato mix flavoured with hot chilli. The spinach raviolo taste savoury and creamy with their flavour enhanced with parmesan cheese. And the roasted vegetable raviolo are an utterly delicious mix of courgettes, aubergines, paprika, onions, dried tomatoes and black olives all roasted in extra virgin olive oil to create an intense taste sensation. You get the full atmosphere and flavour of a Mediterranean meal.

Creazioni di pasta – the new way of cooking

The name Creazioni di pasta was chosen for good reasons. On the one hand it emphasizes the substantial product know-how and artisan competence of STEINHAUS, a company that has made a name for itself over many years with its fresh pasta and sauce creations. On the other hand the name reflects an approach that adopts new trends as a matter of course, while at the same time following its own individual line. The enjoyment of high quality, natural food that is as fresh and healthy as possible is what STEINHAUS aims to provide. And the focus is on the open-minded consumer, very much aware of healthy nutrition, but who makes his or her own very personal decisions about what they choose to eat.

Combining speed and quality

STEINHAUS has targeted its new Mediterranean pasta treats at precisely this type of consumer who wants high quality ingredients that taste good and are quick and easy to prepare. Creazioni di pasta is a convenience product, created to offer consumers a fast, easy meal with no loss of flavour or quality. Quality is, in fact, the top priority for all the products that carry the STEINHAUS brand. The packaging label draws attention to the fact that the products are made without taste enhancers, without added aromas, colorants or preservatives. The message is clear and STEINHAUS stands by its view of the priorities when it comes to making and marketing foods.

More information and products at www.steinhaus.net.