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Delicate pearls ring in the new year

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any time is a good time to drink a glass of Champagne, although the end-of-year celebrations arguably provide the best opportunity. Champagne Jacquart offers fine Cuvées that perfectly underscore the joyous occasion: both as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to the menu at Christmas, as a present or as the pièce de résistance at a New Year’s Eve party. The Mosaïque collection is available in a trendy, new design and the Rosé Mosaïque is available in a Magnum limited edition.

“Our Champagnes are wonderful accompaniments to the end-of-year celebrations. To get in the mood for a tranquil Christmas Eve, I recommend the Brut Mosaïque – it is excellent as an aperitif, for example served with canapés. The Blanc de Blancs 2006 is a very good match for a wide variety of foods and is the perfect companion to an exquisite fish or seafood course or to a selection of cheeses. My secret favourite is the Brut Rosé, which is absolutely enchanting alongside desserts with hints of vanilla. For New Year’s Eve I highly recommend the Cuvée Alpha!” says Floriane Eznack, an oenologist at Champagne Jacquart.

Brut Rosé Magnum

La vie en rose: The Brut Rosé is popular not only for its brilliantly salmon-pink hue but also for its delicate perlage and its creamy freshness. It is currently available as a Magnum-bottle limited edition from KaDeWe Berlin, Karstadt and from specialist shops.

Cuvée Alpha

Add some sparkle to your life: The prestigious Cuvée by Jacquart makes festive occasions even more festive. Its flavour is full and silky, with aromas of pastries, dried fruits and a hint of rose. Available from KaDeWe Berlin, Karstadt and from specialist shops.

Blanc de Blancs 2006

All in white: As a pure Chardonnay the Blanc de Blancs is a wine of exceptional finesse. Light and fresh, it unfolds multifaceted aromas ranging from white fruits to citrus notes. Available from KaDeWe Berlin, Karstadt and from specialist shops.

Brut Mosaïque

A Champagne that suits all occasions: With its sophisticated balance between freshness and vitality, the Brut Mosaïque is a Champagne to suit all occasions. It has a delightful flavour of figs, almonds and pears. For the holiday celebrations it is available in an elegant gift box with two glasses and can be purchased at KaDeWe Berlin, Karstadt and specialist shops.

For more information and products, visit www.champagne-jacquart.com

Source: Organize Communications