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Delicious fish hot from the grill!

When it comes to deciding what to grill, fish ranks third, well behind meat and poultry. Admittedly, it’s hard to find grill-ready fish as easily as you can find pre-marinated pork steaks or ready-to-grill chicken kebabs. But preparing fish and seafood for the barbecue isn’t rocket science. Fish counters in supermarkets and specialty shops offer fish gutted and descaled ready for cooking. So you’re already halfway there.

The best fish to grill?

Firm, slightly oily fish are best for grilling. In addition to salmon and tuna, this means trout, sea bream, sea bass and mackerel are top of the shopping list. The last four have a big advantage in that they are just the right size for grilling whole, held securely in a fish basket above the coals. They are also suitable for gentle cooking by indirect grilling.

Preparing your fish

At home, first rinse the fish under cold running water and gently blot it dry. It used to be customary to drizzle fish with lemon juice or vinegar to bind any odour and to improve the taste and firmness of the fish. Nowadays, fish are transported and processed so quickly that this step is unnecessary. But it’s still a good idea to salt the fish inside and out just before cooking. The salt intensifies the taste and draws water out of the connective tissues, so that the fish flesh is drier.

Spices and herbs

Seasoning improves the flavour. Pepper, curry, mustard seeds or ginger are very good with fish. Fresh herbs such as thyme, basil or dill are brilliant and even a little garlic. Rub spices outside and inside or stuff the herbs inside the fish and the flavours will permeate the flesh as it cooks.


Source: Eva Neumann, www.bzfe.de