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Elena Dal Forno interviews Elena Dal Forno

Elena Dal Forno was (and still is) an advertising journalist. She decided to do an interview with herself to welcome new readers to Clever Storage. Because it is the first time she has interviewed herself, anything might happen.

Hi Elena, first of all I would like to know how you became vegan and then moved on to eating only raw food; I think those are radical decisions.

“They may be radical, but they’re not extreme. We are evolving beings, with the ability to understand and accept new ideas and to change. There is a nice sentence in “Alice in Wonderland” which says “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then“. It underlines the fact that our ability to change is always in operation and also it is the only unchanging fact. I became a vegan and eater of raw food like Alice, in two hours. I saw the documentary “Earthlings” and it shocked me. For the first time I understood and accepted the new ideas and rejected what I had been led to believe up to then, namely that we are designed to eat animals and our growth depends on this. If you think about it, what the vegans are doing is a revolution, whether it is for ethical or for health reasons. What we are proposing is a diet that goes dead against what 90% of the world believes; we are like David against Goliath. We are aware that we’re propagating a different message, but we believe strongly that our values are important: the respect for all forms of life and love for Mother Earth.”


Did you change your diet abruptly?

“Yes, I did. Firstly for ethical reasons and then when I started to read and get clued up, I realised it would also benefit my health. I was always a fat girl, I’ve tried all sorts of diets all my life without much success. I had severe headaches, gastritis, rashes, chronic fatigue, and, and, and. Raw veganism cured me in 6 months: it blew away my pains and problems, and very importantly I lost 16 kilograms. For me an abrupt change worked well, but my advice is actually to change gradually to raw veganism. Slower, smaller steps might be easier for your body and mind to accept.”

Do you feel other benefits as well as physical ones?

“I feel lighter and more energetic, with a desire to do things that I never had, not even at twenty. I feel that I am an ethical being and able to truly love, in the widest sense. I’ve found a passion for life, nature, Mother Earth. I am back in harmony with all those things that we so often lose. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received.”

What is your relation with food?

“Because I’m also a chef, it’s a love relationship of course. I get the deepest satisfaction from having in my hands the fruits of the earth, each in their season, and adding value to them through a cuisine that does not kill them but instead enhances the tastes, aromas and nutritional value. But what gives me even more joy in my heart is the opportunity to give health to the people who eat my food. Cooking or no-cooking is an act of love, and that’s the relationship I have with food.”

What kind of food are we talking about? Just salads? 

“This cuisine will leave you speechless – thanks to the beauty of colours and flavours and the variety of dishes. I will introduce you to lasagne, cannelloni, ravioli, hamburgers and fried potatoes in a healthy version and sensational desserts too. I know you’re sceptical, but I’ll do it! And I would like to add that everything is right for coeliac sufferers and diabetics, because my cuisine is completely without gluten, without hydrogenated fats, without refined white flour and without sugar.”

WOW!! We can’t wait!!!