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The new white teas from Løv Organic

The Scandinavian tea supplier Løv Organic recently launched a range of organic teas. With innovative blends and enchanting, environmentally-friendly packaging, the teas are as delicious as they are attractive. The Løv Organic tea range carries the French and European AB (Agriculture Biologique) as well as the American USDA organic certification marks. These certifications guarantee that the products are free from genetically-manipulated organisms, only contain natural aromas and that their ingredients are at least 95% organically grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. At Løv Organic all ingredients are organic (tea leaves, fruit pieces, flowers, etc.) except for a few natural aromas that are not available from organic sources.

New creations for chilly weather

For autumn and Advent, Løv Organic is offering two special white tea creations: blueberry-coconut and peach-blackcurrant. These teas with their slightly metallic shimmering colours are something quite out of the ordinary and they look especially attractive in the warm glow of candlelight. Both are based on White Downy, a rare white tea from China, named for its downy white leaves. White Downy gives these new blends a distinctive background flavour. White tea leaves undergo only minimal processing after harvest so that they retain most of the beneficial properties of fresh tea leaves. Tea fans love them for their subtle, pure flavours and their low teein content. The new blueberry-coconut and peach-blackcurrant are delicious white teas, especially warm and inviting on grey winter days.

White tea blueberry-coconut

In its metallic blue packaging, the white tea blueberry-coconut is a sensuous tea with delicious overtones of tropical coconut and summery blueberry. Naturally sweet with a fine velvety taste, this new white tea blend is mixed with vivid blue cornflower petals. The warm, exotic flavour will waft you away from the everyday world whenever you feel like it. Ingredients: white tea*, blueberries*, cornflower petals*, natural coconut aroma.

White tea peach-blackcurrant

The white tea peach-blackcurrant comes in a delightful rose-pink tin. The vivid blue and gold of cornflower and sunflower petals makes a colourful mix of tea leaves. In your cup, the tea is light and the taste subtle with delicate, but distinctive notes of peach and blackcurrant. This is a gentle, refreshing tea that you’ll enjoy all day long for its sunny and fruity flavours. Ingredients: white tea*, cornflower petals*, sunflower petals*, natural peach aroma, natural blackcurrant aroma, natural apricot aroma. 


*Organically grown products

More delicious teas: www.lov-organic.com
Source: Classic Communication