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Success with venison and other wild meats

Game is traditionally eaten in the cold winter months and it’s popular for some very good reasons. Venison and other wild meats are flavoursome and can be prepared in many different and sophisticated ways. This type of meat is nutritious and, with the exception of wild rabbit and wild boar, it’s low fat. No special skill is needed to cook game successfully. It’s important to remove the sinewy outer skin. Wrapping it in fatty bacon or spiking it with bacon, doesn’t really make the meat juicier, because the fat stays on the surface of the meat, but you get that impression because you eat the meat and the bacon together. If you want a really tender, juicy roast, try putting the meat overnight in a lightly salted bouillon you’ve made by boiling up the bones.

Well-done is best!

For health reasons, it’s inadvisable to eat game raw or rare. Whichever cooking method you’re using, the meat should be heated so that the core temperature is 70 °C or over for at least two minutes. This makes sure of killing any microorganisms that might be in the meat. Test for doneness by pressing the meat with your finger: when it no longer gives, then you can be sure the meat is done. If you prick it with a knife or skewer, the juice should run clear, not red.

Buying and quality

When you’re buying game, check for the typical colour and smell. For example, venison is typically a dark red-brown and like wild boar it smells pleasant and slightly sour. The meat should never have a blackish sheen nor should it smell unpleasant.

Source: Dr. Claudia Müller, www.aid.de