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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

Extra virgin olive oil , 100 percent Italian!

SACLA’s clear, olive-yellow olive oil makes you think of Italian sunshine. The oil is extracted by traditional, mechanical processes directly from selected Italian olives. The result is an extra virgin olive oil that can call itself 100 percent Italian.


SACLA’ olive oil is pressed according to precise guidelines in a traditional Tuscan oil mill which is supplied by olive growers from a regional cooperative. All production processes are rigorously monitored and the monitoring system guarantees maximum transparency from the source of the olives, through the processing stages to bottling. From Italy straight to your table!


Aroma and flavour

SACLA’ olive oil smells fruity and verdant. It has subtle flavours of artichoke and green almonds – a well-balanced blend of aromatic and fresh with spicy and intense, with a slightly peppery endnote. It’s how a good olive oil should taste!


Our tip
Serve the oil in little dishes together with salt and fresh, chunky bread to dip in – delicious! Use it to give a distinctive flavour to salad dressings and marinades. SACLA’ extra virgin olive oil enhances and intensifies the quality and aroma of every dish – from meat, fish and poultry to salads and roasted vegetables.

Native olive oil extra & rosemary – the new
variant for herbed olive oils

Extra virgin olive oil and a natural, essential oil extracted from rosemary are combined to create an aromatic flavour and taste experience. Rosemary is arguably the best-know Mediterranean herb and it’s widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. Blended with olive oil, rosemary creates an aroma wonder.

This is an olive oil collection for gourmets – made from premium extra virgin olive oil and a chosen Mediterranean ingredient. Made in an innovative process, Gourmet Oils are available in five taste variants flavoured with herbs, lemon or garlic. SACLA’ extra virgin olive oil extra is the perfect addition to every salad, pasta dish or pizza.


Using rosemary oil

Olive oil flavoured with rosemary is good for enhancing meat and poultry and in any kind of marinade. Because the flavour is so intense, the oil should be used sparingly. Just a dash is enough to add a hint of rosemary to a salad dressing or marinade. Rosemary olive oil adds a wonderful richness to all kinds of potato dishes, for example, oven-baked potato chips, potato gratin or even jacket potatoes.

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Source: Petra Schönfeld Text & Kommunikation