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Fruit icecreams are less popular in Europe

Vanilla-flavoured icecreams are far and away the best-loved right across Europe. So says a survey conducted by a frozen foods home service, eismann Tiefkühl-Heimservice GmbH. Of the top 10 kinds of icecream bought most often in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, the top 3 have as their basis a creamy vanilla icecream. Fruit icecreams and sorbets make up only 7% of the total (4 of the 60 top sellers). But the survey also found that icecream in cones or wafers was neck and neck in popularity with icecream on a stick.

The French love mocha, the Italians prefer
elaborate icecream gateaux

“Because we sell across Europe, we’ve become acutely aware of national differences and similarities,” says Marga Hamacher, an eismann employee for over 25 years and Product Communication Manager for the past 3 years. “The French, Belgians and Italians have a weakness for mocha icecream, while Germans tend to choose Black Forest or spaghetti icecream. Italians enjoy festive icecream creations such as icecream gateaux or highly decorated bowls of icecream. At the moment there’s a strong trend to small icecream snacks, like mini cones that you can serve with coffee instead of rather dry biscuits. eismann offers over 150 icecream products; of these 42 are exclusive to the company. 

According to the Consumer Analysis 2012 (Verbraucheranalyse 2012) commissioned by the Axel Springer AG and the Bauer Media Group per capita consumption of icecream in Germany in 2012 amounted to 7.7 litres. This amount has been fairly stable for years. Vanilla, chocolate and nut turned out to be the most popular icecream flavours.

The company

Headquartered in Mettmann, a town in central Germany, the eismann home delivery service has delivered frozen foods to customers throughout Germany since 1974. Today, has grown into an international company supplying around 2 million households via 220 sales points in nine European countries and in Brazil. The company has over 4,700 employees and partners in Europe, including around 1,100 independent traders and over 700 employees in Germany. eismann offers enjoyment without compromises, its products are supplied easily and conveniently to your door and in a quality you can rely on. 

More information at www.eismann.de