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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

Freshness is key to aromatic strawberries

Strawberries deteriorate really quickly. Just a few hours after picking, they’ll be far less aromatic and start to lose their glossy colour. Although you need to eat or process them fresh for peak flavour, strawberries will keep for up to two days in a cool place or in the vegetable drawer of your fridge – don’t wash them and keep them covered. Strawberries don’t like being pressed – not by you and not by other strawberries, so they’re best stored in a shallow bowl or container. Sort out any fruit that show signs of mould because it will spread quickly and spread to other berries. If you’re buying strawberries in punnets, make sure there are no soggy or rotten ones at the bottom of the punnet.

Pick Your Own for peak flavour

Fresh, ripe strawberries have an intensive aroma, they’re red right through and have a fresh-looking green calyx. They’re easy to hull. If you want to be absolutely sure your strawberries will be as fresh and ripe as possible, then visit a PYO (pick-your-own) field. Mornings are the best picking time, because sunshine over the day will make the strawberries softer. Too much rain will damage the fruit – the berries become watery and lose flavour.

Close to home means more flavour

Nowadays you can probably buy strawberries all year round, shipped in from all over the world. As always, the fruit will taste best and prices will be lowest when they’re in season in your local area. In Germany that’s from May to July. Local strawberries don’t have so far to travel so they are riper and tastier when they’re picked. Short transport distances are better for the fruit and for the environment.

Vitamin source and low calories

Ripe strawberries are good for you. A 100 gram portion of strawberries has more vitamin C than the same weight portion of orange or lemon. 150 to 200 grams of strawberries cover your daily vitamin C needs. And that portion will contain only 48 to 64 kilocalories. So you can enjoy your strawberries without a worry in the world.

Source: Dr. Claudia Müller, www.aid.de