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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

The cooking course announced on 8 February at the Kesseböhmer showroom in Motta di Livenza officially started on Friday, February 16.
This first course with, eighteen is divided into six themed evenings cooking menus with meat or fish. The dishes have been especially chosen to allow participants to explore the world of cooking.

Leading the course are, Professor Mario Loretto Baita and chef Mauro Salmaso, head of catering at the restaurant “Al Vecchio Mulino “ Evening by evening, they will guide the students in the preparation of tasty recipes. They will not only teach the correct cooking procedures, but also offer information on ingredients, cooking techniques, chemical substances, the best accompaniments for specific food and all those little things that help to turn a simple dish into a culinary delight.

The course will also cover technical such as the different cuts of meat, presented by the butcher Gianluigi Ceolin, as well as setting the table, cooking equipment and etiquette.

Each participant is given provided a recipe book to take notes and an apron. Everyone will have the opportunity to not only of assisting in  in the preparations for cooking of the chefs, but also of standing behind the stove, helped by professionals, and without fear of making mistakes. Every lesson ends with the participants enjoying the food they have just prepared.

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