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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

LOVECHOCK chocolate is a natural source
of flavonoids and “love chemicals”

Chocolate can now be enjoyed guilt free – because raw cacao beans are a true “superfood”. Cacao beans are not roasted but ground using a low-temperature technique to make LOVECHOCK. This means that the precious nutrients contained in the cacao beans are preserved.

Cacao is usually roasted and ground at temperatures as high as 160 °C, which results in many of the cacao’s precious components being lost. For LOVECHOCK the temperature during the entire production process, from cacao bean to chocolate bar, remains below 49 °C. The cacao therefore retains its original slightly bitter flavour as well as its precious components, namely: plenty of flavonoids and so-called “love chemicals”, which make the body feel relaxed and produce a cheerful, loved-up mood. The cacao components anandamide, phenylethylamines and tryptophan in particular contribute to feelings of happiness and joyfulness. Anandamide is released during physical activity and produces the euphoric “runner’s high”; tryptophan naturally raises the mood; and phenylethylamines relax the body and lift the emotions.

LOVECHOCK bars – for more “happiness inside”

Each bar of LOVECHOCK contains a magical combination of raw chocolate and nuts and fruits that makes us happy: from pure cacao nibs (splinters of cacao bean) to the sweet and crunchy almond-and-fig combination, and from the fruity, aromatic combination of goji berries and orange to the mild and sweet combination of mulberries and vanilla, from the tropically fruity pineapple-and-inca-berry to the fiery, fruity cherry-and-chilli flavour.

LOVECHOCK Rocks – little parcels of happiness
to enjoy and to share

The little round treats in cheerfully colourful boxes are fruits and nuts covered in raw chocolate and a hint of the “super fungus” reishi. In China it has been known for thousands of years for its healing properties for body and soul. The Rocks are perfect for sharing with friends and family and are available in three flavours: mulberry/hemp seed, almond/cinnamon and raisin/coconut.

LOVECHOCK chocolate is available from organic food shops and health food shops as well as selected online shops: http:/ /

The cacao beans are made from superior Arriba Nacionale cacao from Ecuador and are cultivated by small-scale farmers who practise biodynamic agriculture. LOVECHOCK buys the cacao directly from the cacao cooperatives, which are in direct contact with the small-scale farmers. This ensures that the farmers are paid fairly and treated well. The products themselves are lovingly produced in a workshop for people with disabilities in the Dutch city of Leiden. The natural sweetness of LOVECHOCK products also stands out: They are sweetened with the dried nectar of the cacao blossom. This nectar contains a lot of flavonoids and minerals and also has a low glycaemic-index value, thus keeping the blood-sugar levels stable. In addition to cacao, the various products also contain other fruits and spices that are considered to be “superfoods” thanks to their numerous nutritional components: bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, lucuma, maca, goji berries, inca berries, mulberries and quinoa. All LOVECHOCK products are, furthermore, free of milk, soy and gluten.


For more information about LOVECHOCK, visit www.lovechock.com/en and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lovechock

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