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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

Attention, chocolate lovers!

Esmeraldas Milk and Piura Porcelana sound like fairy tale names. They’re certainly magical for chocolate lovers, because cocoa beans grow there under fairy tale conditions. Find out more about Original Beans chocolate – how it’s grown and how it tastes on the attractive website.

Original Beans chocolate is produced using very rare and aromatic cocoa beans which flourish only in very specific places. For example, the forest islands of Beni in Bolivia; the white cocoa forest of the Piura region of Peru, in the Esmeralda cloud forest on the coast of Ecuador and in the heart of Africa, the Virunga National Park in Congo, home of the last mountain gorillas living in the wild. Each bean has a very special aroma – which is why Original Beans chocolate needs no additives: the products are just pure chocolate!

One bar, one tree

Our rule is that for each Original Beans chocolate bar which is purchased, a local small farmer will plant a new cocoa tree sponsored by the company. This helps to support the rain forest as well as his own family. Original Beans also supports several local projects that are both socially and environmentally sustainable, ranging from the protection of the threatened mountain gorillas to the empowerment of Congolese women and their inclusion in the production chain.

Environmentally friendly all the way

The innovative pioneers who established Original Beans have worked to make sure environmental considerations are paramount in the packaging too: even the inner foil is 100% compostable, because in spite of its metallic look it is made of degradable wood cellulose. You’ll find more information on the website; you’ll certainly enjoy the photo gallery there and you can watch a short film full of fascinating facts about the craft of chocolate making as well as the habitat of the mountain gorillas.

Everything about good chocolate: www.originalbeans.com