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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

SACLA’ launches new, green summer pesti

Pesto alla Genovese is the classic green pesto. You don’t tinker with classics, but there’s nothing against adding to them.

NEW: SACLA’ Pesto verde ricotta & honey


A delicate green basil pesto creates the basic harmony. Then comes a taste of honey, Italian ricotta for creamy lightness and a discreet hint of garlic for that certain something.

NEW: SACLA’ Pesto verde & chilli


Then there’s a fiery partner, inspired by classic Italian cuisine. This is a red and green pesto for everyone who likes hot and spicy food. The red chillies give this pesto its powerful kick.

2 new green pesti to create new taste treats

SACLA‘ Pesto verde ricotta & honey and SACLA‘ Pesto verde chilli are a treat with pasta, but they’re also excellent to flavour and garnish pizzas, potatoes, gratins, meat and poultry. It takes a matter of seconds to make all these dishes more aromatic and flavoursome. And you have the choice of a sweetish light, creamy sauce or hot and spicy one.


SACLA’ Pesto verde ricotta & honey and SACLA‘ Pesto verde chilli also work well


  • spread on warm ciabatta bread
  • in filled piadina
  • as a dip for crunchy crackers

The SACLA` quality promise

The recipes for SACLA’ Pesto verde ricotta & honey and SACLA‘ Pesto verde chilli are created using the best natural ingredients and produced in Italy. They are


  • gluten-free
  • free from flavour enhancers
  • free from preservatives


More products and information at www.sacla.com
Source: Text & Kommunikation Petra Schönfeld