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The new season’s oil from Château d'Estoublon

In the heart of the Alpilles in the Vallée des Baux-de-Provence lies the Château d’Estoublon. During the olive harvest, the scent of freshly harvested and milled olives fills the whole valley. This year is no different, although, as a natural product olive oil is dependent on the vagaries of Nature and the year’s mild temperatures resulted in a smaller harvest for all the producers in this region. The sharp drop in the volume of the Château d’Estoublon harvest will be compensated by the customary quality of the oils, the result of rigorous adherence to the standards of organic production.

The 2014 harvest once again demonstrates the expertise available at Château d’Estoublon. This know-how is clear in everything from the way the olives are cultivated to the design and manufacture of the special flagons in which the oil is sold, Château d’Estoublon is known for the production of its excellent olive oils as AOP Vallée Baux-de-Provence or as monovarieties. The unfiltered cuvée from the 2014 harvest were produced from olives harvested from the best areas of the d’Estoublon estate: the Grossane, with its restrained and elegant aroma, the Béruguette which is a fine blend of fire and strength, the fine, balanced Salonenque, the Bouteillan which is rounded and mild and finally the Picholine with its peppery overtones and the hint of bitterness which makes it a true taste enhancer.

The Cuvée AOP Vallée des Baux-de-Provence 2014 is a freshly pressed, unfiltered olive oil which has retained its freshness and its natural texture. Balanced, intensive, velvety – the aroma palette unfolds around the notes of freshly cut grass. The closing flavour is a light and delicate bitterness. This oil is ideal for flavouring flavourful Mediterranean dishes. 

The products are sold exclusively at Oschätzchen in Hamburg, Globus in Switzerland and in La Grande Epicerie in Paris.

More products and information at www.estoublon.com.
Source: Classic Communication