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Japanese green teas from Kusmi Tea

Matcha, sencha and genmaicha are 2014’s favourite teas! In Japan they’ve been making green tea by their own special method since the 6th century BC. Green tea has been shown to be have distinct health benefits and can lower our risk of many illnesses. This is why Kusmi Tea is proud to present its three Japanese green tea bestsellers – Sencha, Genmaicha and Matcha.


Sencha, the Japanese means “roasted tea”, is the most frequently drunk green tea in Japan. In making sencha tea, the leaves are rolled, instead of folded, and this has the effect of producing a distinctive, fresh flavour. The ocean and vegetative overtones also contribute to this fresh flavour and its high catechin content is a gift for your health. In Japan sencha tea is a beverage to offer guests, which makes it the perfect drink for sharing and enjoying with friends.


Matcha tea consists of the finest green tea powder, that’s why it has an intensive green colour and is viscous and concentrated. Because of its strengthening effect, it’s traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha is regarded as a very special type of tea and the valuable substances it contains are responsible for its antioxident properties. Matcha tea can be drunk sweetened or unsweetened and the latest trend is to use it to cook sweet and savoury dishes.


Genmaicha is a bancha tea containing toasted and puffed grains of rice. Genmaicha tea has the typical fresh green tea aroma and has a slightly nutty taste. It’s a popular summer drink, especially as iced tea; it’s the ideal thirst quencher. This tea is rich in catechins and renowned for its antioxidant properties.

Ever since 1867. Kusmi Tea has specialised in blends of every sort – mainly blends of tea, fruit and flowers, of tastes and aromas. In a wider sense there’s also a blending of cultures: for example, the enrichment of French culture through Russian culture in the 19th century. But also blending of colours – a sure identification for Kusmi products – and finally a blend of peoples. Because tea is often shared, it’s a multicultural expression of friendship and an opportunity to talk to people. Kusmi is simultaneously the result and the vector of this great variety.


More teas and information at www.kusmitea.com

Source: Classic Communication