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North African nomads known as the Berber have been using the Tagine for thousands of years. Meat
These pieces of raw cocoa bean may well be produced without sugar but they are not exactly
Preparing the perfect risotto is a real art form. The rice mustn’t have too much bite, but it
What would a Greek salad be like without olives? It is impossible to imagine Mediterranean cuisine
Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description


for the jelly

1 kg frozen berries

200 g sugar

17 g gelatine


Put the gelatine to soak. Thaw the berries and process them in a blender. Pass through a sieve to remove skins and seeds. Collect the pulp and add water to make up to 800 g. Stir in the sugar. Dissolve the gelatine in some of the fruit pulp and stir into the rest of the pulp. Pour the jelly into the serving glasses and leave to set.

Ingredients for yoghurt mousse

500 g whole yoghurt

14 g gelatine

150 g sugar

700 g whipping cream

Sponge cake


Put the gelatine to soak. Dissolve the gelatine in a little yoghurt and stir into the rest of the yoghurt with the sugar. Beat the cream until stiff and fold in. Put a slice of sponge cake on the set jelly and then spoon the yoghurt mousse on top. Chill for a few hours.

By Baita E Salmaso