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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

A tempting experience with positive side effects

In today’s health-conscious times, you can find any number of articles about the many health benefits of nuts – in health forums, nutritional guides and fitness magazines. There’s selenium in Brazil nuts, for example, omega-3 fatty acid in pecans, melatonin in walnuts and vitamin E in peanuts. Recently, the European Food Safety Authority has highlighted the health benefits of walnuts. Suppliers are now allowed to claim that “walnuts help to improve the elasticity of blood vessels” as long as they point out that this is based on people eating at least 30 g of walnuts a day.

Nuts are an excellent source of energy. While they used to be eaten just at Christmas, they are now something that can be enjoyed all year round. Aromatically enhanced nuts and nut mixtures – which are best freshly roasted – are increasingly popular. Cashews with a fine curry spice mix, crunchy roasted macadamias, peanuts with chilli paprika coating, roasted almonds coated with tiramisu or truffle pecans – the list goes on and on. There seems to be no limit to the imagination and creativity of these nut mixes. Nuts can also be enjoyed at any time and in any place. They can be a tasty snack at the cinema, an energy-rich stress beater at the office, or something to add a touch of class to pre-dinner nibbles. There’s no doubt, nuts are more and more popular.

Nut expert Denis Burghardt is manager of KERNenergie. This brand of nuts won an award as the first luxury brand in the nut segment in a study by the Berlin School of Economics and Law, (Bolz, Baumgart, Kopka; 2012). Denis says, “Nuts are without a doubt a nutritious alternative to crisps, chocolates or sweets”. The health benefits are not the most important thing about the nuts. Primarily food is about taste. Eating is emotion. Especially when it comes to snacks, enjoyment is really significant. It’s an art to convince consumers that a high-quality item makes a great snack. And it’s even better if you’re able to do something for your health at the same time.


KERNenergie nuts currently stimulate the taste buds of consumers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and soon in Lithuania.

About KERNenergie

KERNenergie is Germany’s exclusive brand supplier of nuts. Just under 60 types of nuts, seeds and fruits are prepared fresh at KERNenergie. Customers can create their individual nut mixes in the online shop and they are dispatched via DHL. KERNenergie was founded in Hamburg in 2010, with no external investors, and is now considered the creative platform for highest quality nuts in Germany. Shortly after the company was set up, it began to supply well known retailers such as Karstadt’s Perfetto markets, Oetker’s Frischeparadies and Premium Edekaner by SEH. First class hotel chains (Kempinski, Althoff Hotel & Gourmet Collection, Swissotel, Hyatt, Le Meridien, Falkensteiner) and luxury hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria indulge their discerning guests with premium nuts from KERNenergie. You can find out more about KERNenergie and the people behind it on their blog, or on facebook and twitter.


More information at www.kern-energie.com