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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

Linden-rose and fennel-anise ‒ originally
inspired herbal infusions

To complement its range of herbal infusions Løv Organic has launched two completely new varieties: linden-rose and fennel-anise. These two original herbal teas in pretty, pastel-coloured tins open up a completely new perspective on plants which usually languish in a herbal shop by imbuing them with a delicious modern accent!

Linden-rose – a delicate herbal infusion for
a sweet tea break

This refined herbal infusion combines the delicate sweetness of lime flowers and leaves with the elegance of rose petals, rounded out with a hint of sun-kissed lavender. The caffeine-free mixture linden-rose is sold in an attractive delicate pink tin and is perfect as a sweet afternoon drink to serve among friends.


Ingredients: Apple pieces*, lime flowers*, lavender*, natural rose aroma. * Products of organic farming

Fennel-anise – an original herbal infusion with
a hint of Provence

This original herbal infusion with a sweet hint of aniseed is ideal to arouse the senses. The combination of these aromas recalls the scents of Provence. You can almost hear the cicadas chirping. It is also delicious served chilled as an aperitif in the shade of olive trees.


Ingredients: Fennel*, anise*. * Products of organic farming


Available from: February 2015

Preparation: Temperature 90 °C – Infusion time: 6 minutes


E-Boutique: www.lov-organic.com

Further information and tea creations under de.lov-organic.com

Source: Agency V