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SACLA’ PRONTO: The quickest and easiest
way of enjoying pasta!

Now you can choose from delicious SACLA‘ tomato sauces for pasta that are ready to eat immediately. No cooking or heating required. And you can be confident that the sauces contain no artificial aromas and flavours. Only the best ingredients for a tasty meal ready n a jiffy. You simply stir it into the hot, drained pasta. Pronto!

A genuine innovation for every occasion

SACLA‘ PRONTO is perfect for today’s flexible cuisine. As a fast meal at home, on trips and in the office. Open the tub, stir the sauce into the hot pasta and enjoy it! There are three flavours: Tomato & Pancetta, Sun-dried Tomato & Basil and Roasted Garlic & Chilli.

Versatile for dips and salads

SACLA‘ PRONTO is a great way of spicing up all sorts of foods. Try stirring it into cream for a delicious sauce, spreading it on fish or chicken to add flavour. Or what about adding it to potatoes, pizzas and stews? It’s aromatic, tasty and fast.



  • as a tasty sandwich filling 
  • in a dressing for salads, especially tomato salads
  • like bruschetta on toasted bread
  • as a dip for a picnic

TIP: Cold pasta is a favourite in many parts of Asia – with SACLA ‘ PRONTO it will be soon one of ours too!

Sauces for any occasion

  • for picnics, camping meals and travel
  • as a flavouring for many dishes 
  • popular with the whole family
  • makes your cooking more versatile
  • creative recipes are ready fast
  • comes in a handy 1-2 person tub with a cardboard band

After opening SACLA‘ PRONTO will stay tasty and aromatic for up to three days in your fridge. The 1-2 person tub is ideal for small households and for snacks. 


SACLA’ PRONTO takes fast food into a whole new dimension!


More products and information at www.sacla.com