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The Riso Gallo RISOTTO BOX

The Riso Gallo RISOTTO BOX line has been expanded to include one more flavour. A quick-and-easy risotto ready meal with vegetables & cheese is now available. The box has already made a name for itself with its distinguishing features: It is practical, easy, quick, delicious and innovative. A real taste of Italy.


Lovers of quick-and-easy cuisine and ready-meal enthusiasts already love them. The chicken & mushroom and the ham & tomato recipe already on the market are now joined by a meat-free version: the Risotto Box with vegetables & cheese. Crunchy pieces of courgette and juicy tomatoes in a creamy cheese sauce infuse the rice dish with a typically Italian aroma.

By whom?

The Risotto Box was developed by the Number 1 risotto rice producer in Italy, and has been formulated so as to best suit the consumer. As a business, Riso Gallo is now in its sixth generation, and it stands for quality and product innovation. It has developed this novel product for the convenience market, and implemented it in accordance with consumer requirements.

For whom?

The Risotto Box is ideal for everybody who wants to enjoy a risotto as soon as possible. It takes just 1:30 minutes to cook this authentic Italian risotto. The packaging is practical and easy to hold in one’s hand; there is no need for a fridge or cutlery. The Risotto Box can be stored at room temperature, and the fork is, conveniently, included in the box.

A single serving of a real Italian risotto dish

  • The innovative production method ensures that the risotto always remains creamy and al dente
  • High-quality ingredients
  • The best taste experience


Preparing and enjoying it is as easy as 1,2,3

  • To prepare it, place it straight in the microwave: no need to add water
  • Simply remove the fork, partially remove the protective foil, heat it in the microwave for 1:30 minutes, remove the foil entirely, and stir well


Innovative, consumer-friendly package design with clear symbolism indicating preparation method, Italian origin and recipe.

More information at www.risogallo.com