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RISO GALLO Gran Riserva 2012
Carnaroli del Pavese

Star cooks around the world cook with this rice. It’s a well-kept secret among gourmets. If you’ve tasted it once, you’ll always recognise its unforgettable taste. This premium risotto rice, the Gran Riserva - Carnaroli del Pavese, is produced in small volumes. It’s grown and handled according to rigorous rules to make sure it meets the quality standards for premium rice.


The Gran Riserva - Carnaroli del Pavese is grown on a farm in the north-east of the province of Pavia in Italy. The methods used are traditional and environmentally-friendly. The sowing density is deliberately kept low making sure the product is high purity. The long, lush ears are carefully harvested just when the humidity is right and only the rice from plants in the inner area of the rice field are harvested, because this is where the best soil and water is to be found and the climatic conditions are just right.

The rice grains continue to mature after harvesting, so that the rice is at its best around a year after harvesting. When its cooked, the Gran Riserva Carnaroli remains al dente for a long time and it’s capable of absorbing a lot of sauce. In short, it’s a rice that experts are pleased to name the “best rice in the world”.


RISO GALLO Gran Riserva 2012 is available in selected delicatessen departments in a 1 kg decorative tin or in a 1 kg decorative box!

Information and products at www.risogallo.com


Source: Petra Schönfeld Text & Kommunikation