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Enjoy a brilliant summer 2014 with
Champagne Jacquart

Fringes, ethno patterns and blousons are what fashonistas are wearing this summer. Even navel-baring styles are back in fashion. And the trend colour is rosé! Well, maybe not on the catwalks, but certainly in the glasses raised to toast the new fashions! Brut Rosé from Champagne Jacquart with its shimmering salmon pink colour, its fine bubbles and creamy fresh taste immediately creates that summery, holiday mood. The bursting bubble of a delicious champagne turn a warm evening into the perfect summer evening.

The young head oenologist at Jacquart, Floriane Eznack (34), says the rosé, which is full of character, is among her absolute favourites. “When the summer evenings are long and the weather is balmy, there’s nothing better,” she asserts. “I like to drink this cuvée as an aperitif when I’m chilling out on the patio with friends.” And Jacquart also supplies the right jacket to keep the wine cool without your having to run to and fro to the fridge. The jacket, available in chic pastels will keep the champagne cool and fresh-tasting for a good two hours. For example if you take it to a picnic on the beach. “For a picnic, this champagne goes beautifully with a young goats milk cheese or any other creamy type of cheese, but also with many other foods. It’s just the thing to drink with a light summer menu,” continues Floriane Eznack. “It tastes brilliant with dishes as different as sushi or salmon sashimi or Indian and Thai dishes. And it’s the perfect partner for peaches baked in butter and sugar.”

A blend of three grapes, the fruity rounded cuvée gets its special finesse from the high chardonnay content, the pinot noir adds complexity and the pinot meunieur gives it a full flavour. This rosé smells of black currants, wild berries and cherries. Then are overtones of red berries, and surprising suggestions of peaches and apricots in the finish. It’s deliciously summery – the perfect companion for the loveliest time of the year.


Jacquart Brut Rosé is available in Germany from Karstadt, KaDeWe Berlin and www.gourmondo.de

Champagne Jacquart

Champagne Jacquart Champagne Jacquart is a young, dynamic champagne brand located in Reims, in the heart of champagne country. The company, which is celebrating its 50th jubilee in 2014, is part of the Groupe Alliance Champagne. When a company claims to be “publishing the entire authenticity of champagne” you can be sure it has good reasons to do so. Champagne Jacquart has several good reasons. The quality grapes for the cuvées come from vineyards which are members of three regional cooperatives. They cultivate a total of 2,400 hectares, growing grapes of outstanding quality. This close relationship means that, every phase of champagne production can be closely monitored right from the start. It’s the basis for the fine quality in your glass. Groupe Alliance Champagne is proud to have vines growing in ten of the total of 17 Grand Crus de Champagne. This shows up above all in international taste trials.


More information and products at www.champagne-jacquart.com

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