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SACLA’ is all about veggies

Veganism is not a trend. Veganism is an approach to life. SACLA’ is expanding its vegetarian product lines to include vegan specialities based on Italian cuisine. It stands to reason that SACLÀ would inaugurate its vegan product lines with core products: green and red pesto!

A vegetarian tradition

Since it was founded in 1939 SACLA’ has been one of the leading vegetable-processing food companies in Italy. Today SACLA’ and its vegetable-based products are available around the world. The company has worked consistently to achieve its great know-how in the processing of vegetables by applying its high quality standards and modern processing techniques, making continuous advances through innovation. The product range is constantly adapted to current living conditions and nutritional demands.

In Germany SACLA’ product ranges have for many years been listed as gluten-free foods by the German Coeliac Society. The SACLA’ quality guarantee is clearly communicated to consumers on every packet of pasta sauce and pesto.

Vegan delights

It is not always easy to adhere to a vegan diet in everyday life. Even those who like to cook meals themselves using natural ingredients will welcome new products and recipe ideas. SACLA’ has now expanded its extensive pesto range to include vegan green and red pesto. Basil, pine kernels and tofu are the basic ingredients. They are delicious when stirred into freshly cooked and drained pasta or as a hearty spread for sandwiches

The ingredients

It would be easy to produce a vegan pesto by simply leaving out the cheese. SACLA’ takes pride in producing authentic Italian pesto, however, and its creamy consistency is produced by the cheese. Of course SACLA’s vegan pesto eschews the use of cheese, too, but it does so by replacing it with tofu and incorporating it into a perfect, balanced recipe. And so SACLA’ vegan pesto remains authentically Italian!

The SACLA’ quality guarantee

The recipes for SACLA’ Pesto Verde vegan and SACLA’ Pesto Rosso vegan are created using natural ingredients. They are produced in Italy using the best ingredients, and they are

  • gluten free
  • free from flavour enhancers
  • free from preservatives

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Source: Text & Kommunikation Petra Schönfeld

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