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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description

Strawberries – red as love

Strawberries actually aren't berries at all. Botanically they belong to the group of aggregate fruits because a strawberry actually is made up of a number of small seeds which are embedded in the outer surface of the fruiting body. It might have been this extraordinary fruitfulness that earned strawberries the reputation of being the fruit of love – even for the ancient Germans. But does anyone really care about history and mythology when strawberries are so sweet, red and luscious and just asking to be eaten.

Eat yourself fit

Fresh fruit makes a healthy snack and a deliciously healthy dessert. Despite their sweet taste, strawberries are a low-calorie food. But they contain a lot of vitamin C and its anti-oxidant effect protects your body against free radicals and strengthens your immune system. They also contain vitamin K, folic acid, biotin, phytochemicals and pantothenic acid, often lauded as the "beauty vitamin" by the cosmetic industry. Strawberries also contain zinc for healthy skin and hair and maybe even potency. The effect of zinc is enhanced by vitamin C. Strawberries are an all-round winner – they contribute to beauty and health and they taste delicious!

Local berries taste better

Strawberries are not all the same. Today there are close to a thousand different cultivars. Bred to ripen early, late or mid-season, this ensures that there are strawberries in the shops almost the whole year round. In northern Europe, out-of-season strawberries come from southern Europe, South America or Israel. When you're shopping for strawberries remember that a vivid red colour in not necessarily a guarantee of sweetness and flavour. In general, strawberries don't travel well; they are easily damaged by pressure and they tend to become soft and go mouldy. If you have a choice, choose local berries that are freshly picked and haven't travelled far. Or even better, look for a Pick-Your-Own farm near you where you can pick just the berries you want. If you're buying fruit picked by other people, look for firm red fruit with fresh-looking stalks and calyx. It's best to keep strawberries in the fridge where they'll keep for up to three days and be safe from flies and other insects which would otherwise be attracted by the sweet aroma.


Source: Wirths PR