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Kusmi Tea’s gift collection

Kusmi Tea has been supplying fine teas and creating tea blends since 1867. Now the company has decided to package 15 kinds of loose tea in one attractive gift box. The chosen teas are ones that have been the most popular with customers over the years. It’s a great opportunity to sample many Kusmi tea flavours, and the box makes a wonderful gift.

The best of Kusmi Tea exclusively packaged

The elegant box includes wellness teas (Detox, perfect for body and soul, and BB Detox, perfect for a flawless skin), exclusive classic blends, deliciously flavoured (Prince Vladimir flavoured with citrus fruits, vanilla and spices, and Anastasia with notes of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom), the delicate green teas (Imperial Blend green tea with rose), and also the flavoursome black teas (Kashmir Chai, Sweet Love).

Each tea is packaged in its own miniature tin, which adds its special hue to the array. Pale green and rose pink, yellow, violet, dark blue – all the attractive colours of the big tins are echoed inside the silver-white box. Also included is a box of paper filters in Kusmi mosaic look and an engraved teaspoon, so that the recipient is ready to start enjoying the teas as soon as the box is open. Give a special treat to someone you love or treat yourself!

A wealth of teas to try

15 miniature tins each containing 20 to 25  g of loose tea

  • SWEET LOVE: Blend of black tea, green tea, spices, guarana and liquorice – awakens the senses
  • BE COOL: Blend of herbs, liquorice and peppermint – calming and relaxing
  • DETOX: Blend of mate, green tea and lemon grass – perfect for body and soul
  • EUPHORIA: Blend of toasted mate, chocolate and orange – for moments of pure happiness
  • BB DETOX: Blend of green tea, mate and grapefruit – perfect for a skincare programme
  • IMPERIAL BLEND: Green tea, orange, cinnamon, liquorice and sea buckthorn berries
  • PRINCE VLADIMIR: Black tea with citrus fruits, vanilla and spices
  • KASHMIR CHAI: Blend of Chinese black tea and spices made to a traditional Nepalese recipe
  • ANASTASIA: Black tea with bergamot, lemon and orange blossom
  • ST PETERSBURG: Black tea with lemon, red fruits and caramel
  • GREEN TEA WITH GINGER AND LEMON: Green tea from China with ginger and lemon
  • GREEN TEA WITH JASMINE: Green tea flavoured with jasmine blossoms
  • GREEN TEA WITH ROSE: Green tea flavoured with rose petals
  • GREEN TEA WITH NANA MINT: Green tea from China flavoured with Nana mint
  • GREEN TEA WITH STRAWBERRY: Green tea from China with strawberry aroma
  • Box with 100 paper tea filters. Kusmi paper tea filters are made of Manila hemp, cellulose and heat-sealed paper fibre are bleached using oxygen and biologically degradable.
  • Teaspoon with Kusmi Tea logo.

More information at www.kusmitea.com 

Source: Classic Communication