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SACLA’ Leccino olives

A dark beauty with a fine aroma

Growing to maturity in Liguria and with a reputation as one of the best Italian olives, Leccino olives from SACLA’ are one of the best olives you can buy in a jar. SACLA’ Leccino olives are grown around the picturesque town of Taggia, 600 to 700 meters above sea level, on terraces where olives have been grown for hundreds of years. This all gives the very small, violet black olives their distinctive taste.

Taste the expert and loving care

SACLA’ Leccino olives are harvested by hand with great care to avoid any possible damage. The biggest olives are washed and soaked in a salt solution to mature and develop their full aroma. If you don’t eat the whole jar of SACLA’ Leccino olives at one sitting, keep the opened jar in a cool place to preserve their full flavour.


Italian delicacies from apéritif to dessert

SACLA’ Leccino olives are brilliant as antipasti and with apéritifs, but they’re also good in pasta, fish and meat recipes. Or try them in a dessert, combined with citrus fruits and chocolate – you’ll discover a totally new taste experience.

SACLA’ Olive bella di Cerignola

The queen of green olives

SACLA’ Olive bella di Cerignola are big, beautiful firm olives with a brilliant flavour. Preserved with traditional SACLA’ care, they are the true queen of the green olives.


Sea breezes for top quality

SACLA’ bella di Cerignola olives are named after their place of origin, the Italian Cerignola region. Here the olive trees grow at around 100 to 150 meters above sea level and they’re tossed by the sea breezes, which helps to give them their characteristic aroma. The high quality is ensured by limiting the harvest to a maximum of 15 metric tonnes of olives per hectare. They’re a truly exclusive pleasure.


Easy and nutritious

Cerignola olives make a delicious and highly nutritious snack or addition to all sorts of quick and easy dishes. Serve them with aperitifs, alone or, for example, on crostini with anchovy slices and fresh basil. Delicious!


SACLA’ Olive Leccino and Olive bella di Cerignola are available to buy.

More information and products at www.sacla.com

Source: Petra Schönfeld Text und Kommunikation