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Bright red and sweet, with a beguiling scent and melt-in-your-mouth softness – the description
Fresh in slices, cubed in a fruit salad, made into a dessert, a cake, chutney or juice –
Juicy, refreshing, healthy and beautiful – that sums up a pomegranate, but you also have to say
With spring come the dandelions – not only in the meadows, but also in the kitchen.
In Mediterranean countries, capers are part of everyday cooking.

Normally you’re advised to bring your red wine gradually to drinkable temperature (chambré) by standing it in a warm room for several hours. But there will be times when you want to do this more quickly. One solution is to stand the bottle – or the decanter if you’ve decanted your wine – in a bowl or bucket of lukewarm water for a while. Within half an hour or so.


White wine, by contrast, is best served chilled, and if you want to cool it quickly, put it in a champagne bucket full of ice. Another idea is to invest in a cooler sleeve that you can keep ready in the freezer compartment. When visitors arrive unexpectedly, or you simply feel like a glass of wine, you simply slip the sleeve over your bottle so that it fits snugly and your wine is chilled in no time. Whether it’s red or white, wine always tastes better if you serve it at the right temperature.



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