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A taste of home – SanLucar offers a wide variety of apples

SanLucar apple grower Ulrich Gößl’s family used to supply the Austrian monarchy with its royally delicious apples. His fruit comes from beautiful Styria, where it grows under ideal conditions and can develop its delectable flavour: Warm fall winds from Slovenia chase away Jack Frost. The sun is a regular visitor, causing the SanLucar apples to ripen magnificently. “Shortly before the harvest the differences in temperature between day and night ensure that the apples that we harvest are particularly tasty,” promises Ulrich Gößl.


The SanLucar master growers in South Tyrol and around Lake Constance also enjoy the perfect climate for growing apples. Their fields are a hive of activity between September and late October as the apple pickers go about their work so that apple lovers of all ages can sink their teeth into juicy fruit from European harvests once again.


The SanLucar range covers a total of thirteen different types of apple. Every SanLucar apple is emblazoned with a sticker featuring a description of its flavour so that consumers know what’s what and enjoy every bite:

Fruity and sweet:

These varieties are low on acidity and taste particularly fruity. That makes them particularly popular among children.

Full-flavoured and bitter:

These apples have a full flavour and are also ideally suited to baking.

Tangy and crunchy:

These are refreshingly tangy fruits. They are a good way to start the day or to reenergise yourself after physical exercise.

SanLucar is delicious

All of us are addicted at SanLucar: addicted to fruits and vegetables. But not any old fruits and vegetables. They must be tasty, exceptionally tasty. From master growers via pickers and quality-control managers to our sales team, we are all committed to providing consumers with fruits and vegetables that are always delicious. Nothing will stop us from delivering on our promise.

We have grown rapidly since Stephan Rötzer established SanLucar in 1993 in Valencia. In fact, we have grown so rapidly that there are not enough fruits and vegetables that meet our high standards anymore. That is why we and our master growers are investing in additional fruit and vegetable fields around the world.


More than 2,500 employees now share the same goal: to always achieve the best possible result, and sometimes also to make the impossible possible. We are even developing our own varieties to ensure that we can continue to offer flavoursome fruit and vegetables. We pursue this aim using techniques that are centuries old: by creating natural hybrids from robust varieties with delicate nuances of flavour. Our developers carry out comprehensive studies to make sure that the new varieties fulfil our expectations. Only then are they brought to market and sold to the people.


And speaking of people: Because we are equally fond of humankind and of nature, everything we do is always in harmony with humankind and with nature. And because both humankind and nature appear to like us in return and thank us for our efforts, we now offer more than 90 delicious fruit and vegetable varieties from 35 countries.


This is the greatest response to our daily efforts that we could ever hope for. And that motivates us to work with lots of enthusiasm to provide the best fruits and vegetables, day after day.


For more information about SanLucar, visit www.sanlucar.com

Source: SanLucar