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Airborne pollutants find their way, even past closed windows and doors, into your home. The list is long – from pollens to house dust, and from microparticles to tobacco smoke – which all impact on the air quality in our homes. This is where the De’Longhi AC 230 air purifier can help. It removes pollutants and unpleasant odours from the air you breathe quickly and effectively producing 99.97% clean air.

Professional technology and innovative functions make the De’Longhi air purifier the ideal device for homes and offices. At the touch of a button, you can produce a wellness climate in your bedroom, remove unpleasant kitchen smells and keep air pollutants out of your child’s room.

The innovative AQS (Air Quality Sensor ) system lets you control the quality of the air you breathe in your home. While it is operating, a sensor monitors the quality of the air in the room and displays the result via a colour LED. “Blue” means the air is clean, “green” means it’s satisfactory and “red” means it’s heavily polluted. You can react quickly, for example by increasing system performance by selecting a higher ventilation level. There are three ventilation levels. In addition, a gas and odour sensor automatically registers smoke and gas particles in the room and automatically speeds up the fan if necessary. In this way the air is cleaned more quickly and efficiently.

The De’Longhi AC 230 air purifier is fitted with a professional 5-layer filter. The first layer is a washable prefilter which filters out larger particles such as pollens and dust particles. Then comes a HEPA filter for smaller particles, an active carbon filter to remove organic molecules and bind unpleasant odours. Finally there are a nano silver filter and a special photocatalytic filter with UV light that remove bacteria and microparticles. A feature that makes the AC 230 ideal for allergy sufferers is an ionizer that neutralizes particles of dust, pollen and smoke. Another practical feature is the display that tells you immediately how dirty the HEPA filter is and when it needs replacing.

All functions can be effortlessly controlled via an elegant sensor touch screen – in other words easy breathing is at your fingertips.

More products and information at www.delonghi.com.

Source: crossrelations brandworks GmbH

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