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In harmony with natural cycles

Caffè Vergnano has optimized its 1882 coffee capsule system by systematically expanding its product portfolio. The company is proving that it's perfectly feasible to expect sustainability and environmental protection together with premium coffee quality.  What Caffè Vergnano has done is to add an environmentally compatible capsule made of compostable material to its Èspresso 1882 product range. The compostable capsules meet the expectations of  environmentally aware consumers.

Coffee lovers choose environmentally compatible

In September 2014, Caffè Vergnano commissioned some market research into consumer behaviour. The survey showed that many coffee drinkers are aware of the  environmental impact of their coffee consumption and that they would value a compostable capsule and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Both customers who already use capsules and those who reject the idea of a capsule system because of the negative environmental impact said they would welcome a compostable capsule.
"We have always believed in the capsule segment; we've anticipated the trend and developed a compostable capsule that is compatible with Nespresso*, the current market leader. We set out sights of innovation from the very start and now we're innovating with the concrete aim of protecting the environment," explains Franco Vergnano, CEO of Caffè Vergnano.

NEW: Èspresso 1882 – the compostable capsules

The compostable capsules will be premiered as a major innovation at this years' Expo in Milan (May to October 2015). "Sustainability is one of the key topics of our times and we ignore it at our peril, says Carolina Vergnano, responsible for the Èspresso 1882 project." She adds, "That's why we saw it as a matter of course that we should expand our capsule portfolio by adding compostable capsules so that we can offer consumers an even better choice."

The new compostable capsules have been certified to carry the "OK compost" signet by the internationally recognized Vinçotte organization. The Caffè Vergnano capsules are made of biologically degradable and compostable polyester, some of which is sourced from renewable energy sources and which complies with UNI EN 13432.

What does compostable mean?

Composting is the process whereby waste is transformed into organic compost. Caffè Vergnano already markets an Èspresso 1882 product range with biologically degradable capsules that can be disposed of in the general household waste. Now the company is launching the compostable capsule that can be disposed of in your compostable refuse.


More information at www.espresso1882.com 

Source: Text & Kommunikation Petra Schönfeld