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Esprit home – Autumn Collection 2014

This year Cape Town is the official “World Design Capital”. Reason enough for Esprit home to pay a visit to the fascinating city close to the southernmost tip of Africa and also to devote a complete collection to the city.

Cape Town: contrasts and harmonies

The Waterkant, Woodstock, Observatory – this is where you’ll find the colourful, cosmopolitan Cape Town. Each area of the city interprets the Spirit of Africa in a special way and shows that in Cape Town it’s not “either or…” but rather “both and…”. Black and white, traditional and modern, intense or relaxed. It’s a city where contrasts add up to a unique whole. It’s lively and creative – on the streets, in the bars and cafes and inside homes and offices.


In Cape Town’s sunlight-flooded flats and houses, furnishings and décor reflect influences from all over the world, typical of a city that’s been a meeting point for travellers for centuries. You’ll find a glorious mix of colours, shapes and styles – in fact “Anything goes!” You might find an Ethno rug, handmade in Kathmandu, with its stark fishbone design. Or a “Shades” cushion digitally printed with a design inspired by the shadow thrown by a baobab tree. At the window, the trade winds stir the gauzy curtains with flower silhouettes, on the sofa a vivid and silky soft cashmink plaid “Shadows” in deepest red and brilliant orange. It’s all a vote in favour of the rich variety and joy of life. And also the knowledge that this collection is sure to keep the summery mood for the coming summer well into the autumn.

Ethno meets techno

The striking “Oriental” carpet and the delicately embroidered cushion “Roam” both signal traditional ethno looks – although in highly unconventional ways. Then there’s “Blurred”, a Nepalese carpet certified by GoodWeave. It’s made by traditional hand weavers and its unique moiré finish is achieved by dyes that are both innovative and sustainable.

About Esprit home

The Esprit home collection comes from the Esprit fashion label, which, since 2006, has offered lifestyle products to transform any space into a special, individual living area. Thanks to the successful cooperation with premium partners, Esprit home can present a comprehensive interior design portfolio full of distinctive ideas for living.

More information at www.esprit-home.com. 

Source: Blume PR