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Esprit home – Spring Collection 2015

A life without variety or change? Unthinkable! That’s why Esprit home too is offering new looks and fresh ideas. In 2015 we’re saying a quiet goodbye to the metropolis and seeking inspiration in the natural world. We’ve been out and about in forests and deserts, on sea coasts and among the lakes. In spring these landscapes are perfectly idyllic as the clear sunshine of the first warm days of the year drive new life.

Lakeside: like a clear fresh morning

Calm. quiet. A lake, a wood, not a soul in sight. The world waking up. A place to discover. A place where nature silently shows her potential power. Fresh, tender green on the branches of the trees – and on walls, floors and sofas. Fresh green everywhere. Rush green for preference. Combined with blue, lime, rosé and flamingo.

The pastel tones of lake water – as the monochrome Fun and Plaid Lio cotton cushions and as Maci two-sided bed linen, or combined to create enchantingly delicate flower patterns. For example on the FSC-certified Lakeside wallpaper or the matching cushion/curtain teams Bounce and Waterlily. Flowers everywhere – a theme picked up by the handmade Lily carpet with its haunting raised pattern. And as a beautiful contrast, the printed Dizzy carpet. It too plays with structures, but differently. More loudly. Like the Parrot cushion which lends the soft spring colours a touch of exotic vividness.

Everyday amazing

In nature no two days are the same. Colours, shapes, textures – everything moves with the flow and blends into perfect harmonies. As in the hand-knotted Lily carpet, look once and then look again and it’ll look different. Fascinating!

About Esprit home

With its Esprit home collection, the fashion brand Esprit has been offering lifestyle products since 2006. Esprit products turn any space into highly individual living space. Through a successful cooperation with top-flight license partners, Esprit home presents a wide interior design portfolio full of special ideas for living.

The collection will be in the high street shops and the online store at the end of February.

More information at www.esprit-home.com.

Source: Blume PR