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Esprit home – Summer Collection 2015

The more restless our lives the more we yearn for opportunities to relax and go back to our roots. We’d love to switch off and spend time, for example, gazing at the sea, letting our feet sink into the sand and feel the wind in our hair. The Esprit home Summer Collection picks up all these themes and lets you create this wonderful feeling of freedom within your own four walls.

Coastline: breathe in, breathe out, relax

The waves roll in and the waves roll back, the gulls sail on the wind in a cloudless sky and you’re thinking, “At last!”. At last you can switch off. At last you can breathe deeply. At last you can get back in touch with the natural world.

Azure blue, sand, lilac, white – stripe on stripe, the colours of the Nomad handwoven woollen rug are echoed in the curtains, the cushion covers and the table runners from the Cabana range to give you the whole palette of Mediterranean tones. A dash of pink and turquoise have been added with a sure hand to mix a little excitement into all that relaxation. Then again, the warm natural tones of the Ropes and Beat cushion covers keep the concept in touch with the Earth. Quiet. Restrained. This is how you create the background for more highlights. The digitally printed Crab cushion cover, for example. With the stylised crab design you’ll have a rare guest on your livingroom sofa. And the coarsely woven fringed Balance throw will be sure to keep him a place.

Relaxed styles, remixed colours

Relaxing blue, stimulating pink, pure white – the Abel printed satin duvet covers and sheets present a fresh colour cocktail for the coming summer. On the Bluish cushion cover, opulent flowers flourish in deep violet and brilliant cyan. On the wallpapers in the Coastline range mauve and violet are the dominant colours, while shades of light grey give your home a lot of space to breathe.

About Esprit home

The fashion label Esprit first launched an Esprit home Collection in 2006 with the aim of helping users make their living room a special living space. In successful cooperation with first class licence partners, the company presents a wide-ranging portfolio of interior design ideas.

The new collection has been available since late February.

More information at www.esprit-home.com.

Source: Blume PR