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Summer rolls are the perfect snack for hot days. This dish is widespread in south-east Asia and is
Anyone who likes fresh greens in their own home will be delighted with microgreens.
Polenta is associated with the regional cuisine of many European countries such as Italy,
A cup of coffee and a bread roll with cheese, cold meats or jam - this is what breakfast looks like
Rolling hills, misty forests and countless tea gardens – these are the highlands of Sri Lanka

Treasures for loved ones

There is no pleasure quite like the pleasure of anticipation. The custom of Advent calendars, full of little surprises for every day in December leading up to Christmas, proves it. But even without this traditional structure, the wintry season provides opportunities to put smiles on the faces of friends, relatives and colleagues by giving them small presents. Here are a few original ideas. 

Keep calm and have a cup of tea

Giving the gift of a carefully selected tea means giving the gift of a moment of calm and reflection. The Løv Organic. varieties are particularly well suited to this purpose. In Scandinavia “løv” means “leaf”. Løv Organic draws its inspiration from the region’s omnipresent natural environment. The company has released a series of organic teas that are as beautiful as they are delicious, thanks to innovative recipes and tempting, ecologically designed packaging. There are enchanting mixtures to please every palate, ideal for sampling and for giving as gifts. You can check out what’s on offer at www.lov-organic.com.

Beautiful form meets excellent function

You can cast aside the myth of the silver spoon in the neck of the bottle: now there is CHAMP! The bottle stopper for sparkling wine and champagne, created by the company AdHoc Design , has received the accolade of a special mention for outstanding design quality in the Home Interior category by the German Design Council. This distinction is awarded to work “whose design features particularly successful partial aspects or solutions”: it’s an award that pays special tribute to the commitment of companies and designers, in this case the design and approach to solving a problem showcased by the CHAMP product.

More information at: www.adhoc-design.de
Source: TrendXpress

The perfect companion

These colourful key tags are light and quiet, but also durable and witty. They make excellent gifts for others – and don’t forget yourself! The new key tags are made by daff of fine Merino felt with amusing designs, They’re practical and also certain to raise a smile. daff produces in Germany sourcing material from top international felt manufacturers. Both the dyes and the Merino felt are made exclusively worldwide for daff. The elaborate production process guarantees qualities such as colourfastness, durability and robustness, as well as making the Merino felt easy to clean. daff’s range of felt products includes brilliant ideas for table decoration and office and bathroom storage.

More information at: www.daff.co
Source: TrendXpress