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We are supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended by
Herbs put the finishing touches to meals. However, their aroma can only be fully appreciated if
When bananas have been left in the fruit bowl for a long time, the overripe, brown fruit can be
Scorzonera or black salsify is not a particularly good-looking vegetable with its dark, earthy skin.
You can’t concentrate or your tummy is rumbling. Many people grab the simplest solution – a

Maize: more versatile than you'd think

Everyone is familiar with maize, but almost no-one knows how versatile it is. Usually you only see the huge maize fields where the plants are grown as feed for animals or as an energy source in biogas digesters.


You might even have picked a tasty maize cob on your way past a maize field. Or maybe you've hidden among the tall stalks, in the meantime there are maize labyrinths where getting lost and found is the order of the day.

Sustainable and varied

Maize is a very varied and variable kind of grass. And when it comes to eating there are foods as variable as polenta, maize kernel oil and popcorn. In the best case, even the packaging could be made of a maize-based, biologically degradable plastic. Then there are the decorative types of maize that grow in many vivid colours – orange, red or even blue – you can even find different colour kernels on a single cob.

Children love the colours

For children the most exciting kind of maize is the glass gem corn. These are gorgous, translucent ears of corn that are attractive enough to be threaded on a string and turned into a striking necklace. If you're hungry, you simply put your necklace in a pan and turn it into popcorn.


Source: Anne Staeves, www.aid.de