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Your lawn cut and cared for –
leisure and relaxation for garden users

Gardening is a hugely popular hobby. Around 41% of Germans, for example, (according to a survey by Ipsos Observer) spend their summer leisure in their gardens. Delightful, as long as the time is not spent on tiresome garden chores. Help is at hand, however; the latest generation of the Lawnmower Robot from Robomow Tuscania could make cutting the grass a thing of the past.

The Robomow Tuscania can cut the grass on any lawn regardless of type and shape. It copes with obstacles and slopes completely on its own. Before the first use, the area to be mowed is marked out with a wire and the robot is programmed. The robot also needs to know the times when you don’t want it to mow. Then the robot calculates automatically how many times it needs to go to and fro in order to mow the lawn perfectly. In heavy rain, sensors tell the robot to stop and then it will complete the work later on. The robot makes sure the grass is cut to just the right length. The result is a perfectly manicured lawn – sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

The robot’s robust steel blades make short work of fir cones and branches. It also copes very easily with the first grass cut of the year. The new models can be linked via Bluetooth or a wireless network with a smartphone or tablet and can be easily controlled via the screen. The machine does the work while you’re relaxing on the patio. It is so quiet that it will not spoil your enjoyment of the garden.

Double protection – for the robots and
the environment

The anti-theft device on the lawnmower robots again improves on the previous model. If one is stolen, not only will it emit a loud beeping sound, but it also has a GSM system (Global System for Mobile Communications), so that the manufacturer can locate it via GSM and quickly retrieve it.

The robot also scores highly In terms of environmental protection. It’s battery operated, so it produces no exhaust fumes. Furthermore, the sophisticated recycling technology ensures that the grass cuttings are chopped up small and spread back onto the lawn. This means that valuable nutrients and moisture are spread over the grass so the lawn is healthier and looks more beautiful.

The Robomow Tuscania is available in selected stores virtually throughout Europe. There are five sizes, wattages and price categories. The models for lawns up to 500 m² are light (at only 10 kg) and easy to handle, so they’re suitable for anyone to use.

For more information go to www.robopolis.com 
Source: Hoschke & Consorten Public Relations