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The colourful Landhaus world –
from nestboxes to watering cans

Would you like to offer tits, sparrows and other small songbirds a snug home? What about one of the new Emsa Landhaus nestboxes? The choice of bright colours and trendy designs, the nest boxes harmonises with the planters and watering cans in the rest of the Emsa range. They’ll brighten your garden, even on a grey day.

Bright and beautiful nestboxes

Hang one in a tree or screw it to the house wall. A nestbox – or even a couple of nestboxes – are a must-have for all Landhaus fans. They’re both decorative and functional. Developed with advice from ornithologists, the boxes are right for small songbirds like blue and great tits and house sparrows. Inside, they provide the best conditions for nesting. A double floor guarantees optimal air circulation and water drainage. Narrow steps make it easier for fledglings to reach the entrance hole. The robust, weather-resistant material is water-repellent, it won’t attract mould and it’s easy to clean. The colours – yellow, green, turquoise, pink, pink/white and white/green – chime with the colours of the other products.

Planters for inside and out

The new basket-style planters are eye-catchers for home and garden. In six well-loved colours and a cheerful pallet-fence design, they’re fun and practical as well as sturdy and weather-resistant. The baskets are available in different sizes suitable for one or more plants and in the colours yellow, green, turquoise, lilac, pink and white. They also make perfect containers for all sorts of other things.

Dalia – watering cans for retro fans

And of course, the colourful Landhaus world includes watering cans – like the Dalia retro-style can. It’s an ergonomic, balanced design, which lies comfortably in your hand. The long spout ensures drip-free watering. A Dalia watering can holds 1.5 litres and like the other products, it’s available in yellow, green, turquoise, lilac, pink and white.

You can find Emsa’s new Landhaus and Dalia products for your home, patio and garden – and for offices and business premises – in garden centres, DIY stores and specialist shops.

More information and products at www.emsa.com.