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Iconic San Diego craft brewery to open brewery and restaurant in Berlin

Stone Brewing Co., the 10th largest craft brewing company in the United States, has announced that at the end of 2015 or early in 2016 it will open its own brewery and restaurant in Berlin. Stone will be investing over 25 million US dollars to renovate an historic gasworks building in Berlin Mariendorf and to transform over 9290 square metres of inside and outside space into a worldclass enterprise that will welcome beer lovers from all over the world. Stone is the first American craft brewery to open and operate an independent brewery in Europe. Stone Brewing Co. Berlin will have three main elements: the brewery and packaging plant, a Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Restaurant and a Stone shop.


“This is a historic moment for Stone. I’ve been wanting to say these next words for many years: Stone is coming to Europe. Stone is coming to Germany. And more specifically, Stone is coming to BERLIN!”, announced Stone CEO and cofounder Greg Koch. “It’s been a long time coming. It was back in 2009 that we first announced our intentions to be the first American craft brewer to own and operate our own brewery in Europe. And now we’re doing it. …Over our 18 years as a brewery, we’ve built a well-earned reputation as a company with intense drive, substance and individualism. We look forward to sharing our unique beers with everyone.”

“You see, this isn’t about building a manufacturing plant that just happens to produce beer. This is about bringing Europe a taste of our vision for craft beer. Just as we breathe new life into this historic space, we will join the German and European craft brewers who together are breathing fresh air into this country’s, and this continent’s, storied brewing culture”, declared Stone President and cofounder Steve Wagner, “We’re underlining our passion for strong hop-centric beers in a country with a long history of beer brewing skills.”

A new lease of life for a great old building

The site of the announcement was the historic former gasworks that Stone will transform into an equal-parts traditional and modern campus including a state-of-the-art brewery, packaging hall, restaurant and gardens.

  • A 3995 square metre, red-brick building with a vaulted roof dating back to 1901. This building will house a custom-built stainless steel brewhouse and a farm-to-table restaurant serving foods sourced directly from local farmers and a shop selling Stone beers and merchandise.
  • A second 1930 square metre building will be the brewing area with fermenters, bright tanks and packaging plant and distribution area. Stone Brewing plan to produce and keg their signature ales for distribution throughout Europe.
  • A third 120 square metre building in the middle of a large garden and event area.


The Berlin brewery will sell Stone beers and specialty beers – as draft beers or in bottles – at their Berlin location the whole year round and will eventually distribute it in Europe. Das Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Berlin will serve locally sourced organic food, underlining the natural and seasonally changing ambience of the location. As proud supporters of the international slow food movement, Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin will make sure that all the food served will be prepared according to slow food standards from high quality, fairtrade raw materials. Stone is an ardent ambassador for the craft beer movement and intends to offer an exciting choice of craft beers and specialty beers from other German, European and international breweries, both as bottled and draft beers.

The company has launched an Indiegogo crowd-participation campaign so that fans will be able to support the Berlin project and buy certificates for beers from future “Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations” with other craft brewers once the Berlin facility is open.

About Stone Brewing Co.

Located in San Diego, California, Stone Brewing Co. was founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996. Today it is the tenth largest craft beer brewery in the USA. Stone has already featured nine times on the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest growing private companies. It has also twice been rated in BeerAdvocate magazine’s list of “All-Time Top Breweries on Planet Earth”. Stone is the first US American craft beer brewer to be opening and operating an independent brewery in Germany. The company is also expanding in America, with a brewery and restaurant east of the Mississippi in planning. Known for its big flavoured and largely hop-centric beers, Stone quickly built a reputation for outstanding and unique IPA-style beers. The company is committed to sustainability, ethical business practices, philanthropy and the art of beer brewing.

For more information about Stone Brewing Co. and its beers, visit stonebrewing.com or one of the company’s social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and The Stone Blog.

Photos: Frederik Ferschke

Source: sieben&siebzig GmbH